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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  September 21, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> it's always frustrating with metro. >> the problem is a fire. beneath the parking lot, pepco survives metro with the juice to run the train. then metro uses the transformers to convert the a.c. to d.c. one of the pretransformers caught fire. all had to be shut down so all trains had to stop at the eastern market. >> metro set up the bus shuttles. but for thousands agains around has been a nightmare. >> i am leaving work. i want to get home. >> it's always something with metro. >> now with the fire out, metro commenced prepares on the eve of the pope's visit. scrambling to restore power and service. >> we might slow the trains down to reduce the draw on power. >> well, that is where they are now. the trains are running
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through. but really they are creeping through this area. metro spokesperson said tonight there is a baseball game. there is a hockey game. people might want to seek alternative routes to get downtown. they are going to work rapidly to make permanent repairs. near r.f.c. stadium, brad bell, abc7 news. alison: stay on top of any breaking news by signing up for the text alerts. go to enter your cell phone number. leon: the excitement is building. alison: pope will land at joint base andrews tomorrow often and that comes after he wraps up travel in cuba. our team coverage begins with aaron in cuba.
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reporter: joyful crowds welcome the pope in cuba. he likes to go off the beaten path. something he won't fulfill in the u.s. trip. after celebrating the largest mass in the country history having a private visit with fidel castro, the aging revolutionary meeting with the pope who brokered a new relationship between cuba and the united states. in his homily today pope francis acknowledged the effort and the sacrifices made by the church in cuba but he stopped short of direct criticisms. tomorrow the pope arrives in the united states where big crowds are expected to turn out in ugh what, new york city and philadelphia. today the vatican released a pretape video invitation from pope francis to american pilgrims.
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>> see you in philadelphia. reporter: the secret service has been preparing for months for the pope's visit and the big crowds it will bring. >> it will be quite a difference from the decays veets in cuba where he -- decaying streets in cuba where he preached against the dangers of wealth. leon: dreary weather didn't stop the work crews from making final preparation ahead of the pope's visit to d.c. looking outside the basilica in northeast. the workers sent the morning setting up jumbo trans on the ground. he will con non-ize a new saint there on wednesday -- canonize a new saint on wednesday. alison: it's a nervous-wracking and special honor for chefs. they're preparing meals for a lunch the pope will attend later this week.
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suzanne kennedy is going to tell us about this. hi, suzanne. suzanne: hi, alison. let me show you where this will happen. this is in front of the catholic charities headquarters. this one-block section will be turned into a papal dining room if you will where the pope will eat with several hundred homeless people from washington, d.c., who are clients of the catholic charities. just because this event is three days off doesn't mean they aren't in the kitchen cooking. the cooks crank out 4 million meals a year. but this one is of unique importance. >> this is the marinated chicken breast. >> the head chef tasked with preparing hundreds of meals for a thursday lunch with the guest of honor, pope francis. >> it's definitely touching my heart and puts the jitters in me a little bit. at the end of the day, i definitely believe it will be
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a meal he loves. suzanne: here is a photo of what it will look like. teriyaki chicken, blanched green beans and care rots and pasta salad -- carrots and pasta salad. giavana dixon is one of the charity employees who will have a chance to see the pope. >> i'm excited. i'm really excited. it's the frosting on the cake for us all. suzanne: thursday morning, pope francis will greet several hundred catholic charity employees. they will have lunch on g-street with the charity homeless client.
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suzanne: he only has an hour here and it is his last event in d.c. reporting live, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. leon: be sure to stay with abc7 news throughout the week. we will have live team coverage of the pope's visit. more than 40 hours of coverage on abc7. and on our sister station abc7 newschannel8. we know that there is a lot of information to take in surrounding the pope's visit. so we have it all for you in one place. we will keep you up to date on the pope's schedule, road closures and more. alison: let's turn to the weather now. we had a cool dreary start to the workweek so far. leon: let's see what is ahead for tonight. chief meteorologist doug hill with an early look for us. doug: dreary and wet. we see doppler radar showing showers moving through the area. we have light rain throughout the belfort furniture weather center in arlington. track from the bottom left to the top right in the screen. heavier shower in the
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charlottesville area. it is going on all day. bit and pieces of the showers we are dealing with. the darker the green area the more steady the rain. most of it should be out of here by midnight. chance of a little drizzle left over in the morning. it's cool, i will tell you that, with cloudy skies. 55 in cumberland. it's 67 in the nation's capital. as we head through the day, we want rule out drizzle or showers early but the skies will turn partly sunny by the an hitting the middle 70's. looking ahead to the pope's visit wednesday and thursday, partly cloudy. 80-81 on thursday. then the weather could change but for the papal visit it looks fine. we'll have more coming up in a few minutes. leon: let's go to breaking news coming in from la plata, maryland. news chopper 7 live over the scene. crash involving several vehicles and as you can see a school bus.
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at hawthorn road and mitchell road. we are told that the driver of a pickup truck lost control, struck two other vehicles and hit the school bus. pickup driver taken to the hospital with head injury. no word on anyone else suffering serious injuries. we'll let you know more later. delivery worker says she fears for safety after a series of armed robberies at 7-lebs -- 7-eleven. jeff goldberg is live in dale city with details for us. tell us about it. jeff: this is the second string of the robberies. this is dale city. the f.b.i. believes they are dealing with two separate suspects. the first round they robbed the customers and in the other only the store. but it doesn't make it less of a concern.
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men in masks, of holding sawed-off shotgun on the mov robbing 7-eleven in the middle of the night. >> scared to death. jeff: the f.b.i. is looking for two men they say robbed three dale city 7-elevens in the past month, recently on september 10. each between 1:00 and 3:00 in the morning at stores five to ten minutes from one another. the man with a shotgun stands watch and the other grabs cash from the register. in one case while olding a knife. >> it's very dangerous. jeff: this woman delivers to the 7-eleven hit last month. she says the area is usually safe but this changes things. >> oh, yeah, we feel something in it. scared a little bit. jeff: the trio of robberies follows a string of six 7-leb 7-leb -- 7-eleven robberies. according to the f.b.i. both
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cases had detailed planning and quick action. this man couldn't believe it when he heard his was robbed last month. >> it's extra shocking. it is so quiet you don't think it would happen around here. >> the suspect in dale city may not be as familiar with the weapon or professional as the suspects in the first string of cases but certainly as dangerous. the f.b.i. is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and the convictions of the suspects. if you have any information call 202-278-2000. 202-278-2000. live in dale city, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: jury selection is underway for a former local democratic party chairman. michael gardner is accused of fondling a couple of young girls at his falls church home in 2011. they were attending a birthday party sleep over for gardner's
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daughter. prosecutors allege that gardner was trying to find someone to kill the girls so they could not testify against him. leon: coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- an unexpected turn for a woman and her boyfriend charged in the death of a toddler. the outburst. alison: "7 on your side" consumer alert for the iphone and the ipad customers. apple scrambling to fix an attack on the app store. what is blamed for the hack when abc7 news continues.
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alison: a quick arrest and deadly shooting in fairfax county overnight. fredry -- freddie rodriguez is charged in the shooting. officers say he and the victim knew each other but the cause of the shooting is still under investigation. rodriguez is being held without bond. well, president obama called the news heart-breaking. this after learning a white house staff member was killed while taking part in a charity bike ride. leon: tonight we are hearing from those who knew jacob brewer. d.c. bureau chief sam ford
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joins us now with how he is being remembered tonight. sam? sam: leon, alison a lot of people come here after college to make a difference. that was brewer. he worked up to the senior policy adviser here at the white house. over the weekend there was a ride for a cure for cancer. he joined the ride. he left d.c. with the others but did not make it back. >> this was a happy, driving, growing family. a key member of the family has been robbed of us. >> white house aide jake brewer leaves behind his 7-month pregnant wife, mary kathryn hamm and the 2-year-old daughter georgia. family and friends talked to us today about the brief. >> unfathomable that this is happening. you wake up the next morning and the next morning and it's
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still real. there is just this hole in your heart. >> as jake brewer biked from d.c. to maryland for cancer research on saturday. on this sharp curve he crossed the yellow line and collided with an suv and he was killed. decade-long friend michael silverman was on the ride. >> loving every minute out there. singing country. at the top of his lungs which he loves to do. >> president obama issued a statement -- "i am heart-broken at the tragic loss. jake devoted his life to empowering people." as the riders return to r.f.k. yesterday from where the ride had begun on saturday, sad end. friends launched a go fund me account for brewer's children education. call it sam: so, the friends say they are praying for the family and they are again trying to raise funds for the family's
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education that is actually to contribute on a go fund me account and they have raised more than $200,000 for the children's education. reporting live from the white house, sam ford, abc7 news. alison: such an awful story. sam, thank you. well, a new experience for rush hour commuters in montgomery county. thousands this morning stepped inside the long-awaited silver spring transit center. the new three-level station is home to dozens of stops previously out on the street in downtown silver spring. also features a line up top to provide connectivity between the metro bus, ride-on, mark trains, faxxy and the metro -- taxis and the metro trains. >> hopefully we get used to it, it will be better. >> very easy. >> metro and the other agencies had the extra staff on hand to point people in the right direction. metro estimates 20,000 people could move through the new
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transit center each and every day. leon: moving through there right now, they might need umbrellas. alison: rainy. doug: rain outside now. by midnight most of it should be out of the area. they are patches of rain to deal with. after tomorrow it's looking up, looking better and better. get started, gist you a time lapse and start with the vantage point from arlington. the beautiful sunrise colors the sky early on. the clouds lower and thicken and will turn into a cloudy day with the area of rain. we have rain drops on the camera lens because it's raining. raining over arlington as respeak. 66 degrees in stafford right now. 65 in sterling. 619 in hagerstown. low is in the upper 50's to the 60's. combination of the rain, heavy cloud cover, very cool fall-like day here.
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cumberland is 55. everybody gets a warmup tomorrow because the sun is coming out. not early in the morning, but when you wake up, cloudy. you can't rule out drizzle and the light range. temperatures ranging from the 50's to the northern and the western suburbs. middle 50's inside the beltway. middle 50's south and south another of the city a school start. we will have a good afternoon. rain over the metro. beltway, 95 south, 395 up. keep that in mind. by midnight we expect a lot of it out of here. this is a trough of low pressure in the atmosphere. move out. clear to the west and forming to the north. 67 for us. look how cool it is. it's warmer to the west. and south.
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you can make the whole image out here in the small area where we are trapped in. it will year out tomorrow with the -- it will clear out tomorrow. it will be beautiful. when the pope's plane arrives from joint base andrews at 4:00, it should be nice. tomorrow we clear out throughout the day. we have mid-70's in the afternoon. we will get through the events and it should be sunny and warm. we'll be in good shape. for the weekends, we and cooler. for the next few days it looks better each and every day. alison: when you talk about tens of thousand of people outdoors all together. doug: very happy. leon: great. no mud. we like that. thanks. alison: so in "7 on your side" health matters now apples are delicious. it turns out most kids agree with that. according to a new study, the fruit is the favorite for young people.
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accounting for almost 20% of all fruit consumed. if you add in apple juice, well, that number jumps to 30%. the study comes from the u.s. national center for health statistics. leon: all right. "7 on your side" consumer alert about another popular apple. this is the digital one. the company working to fix problems after the first ever major attack on apple's app store. millions of iphone and ipad use earns may be at risk here. they tricked developers into using counterfeit version of x-code in china. that runs the apple ios and the mac apps. some is we chat. and music app from internet portal net eve. so be careful, folks. alison: still ahead here on abc7 news -- new calls for ben carson to drop out of the presidentm race after controversial comments about muslims and how carson is firing back. leon: a driver's freak accident with a school bus. really crazy sequence of events all because of a pesky
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insect. alison: as we head to break, a look at the abc primetime line-up.
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leon: that woman was escorted out of that courtroom as the prosecutors laid out case against roschelle bond a and her boyfriend michael mccarthy. they were arrested after investigators identified the 2-year-old known as baby doe as bella bond. mccarthy punched the toddler in the stomach when she was being "unruly" at bedtime. >> when she looked at bella her head was spoleen and her face was gray and she knew her daughter was dead. leon: michael mccarthy is charged with first-degree murder and held without bond. the mother is facing charges of accessory to murder and held on $1 million bond. alison: there are new calls today for ben carson to pull out of the race for president after the g.o.p. contender preeted controversial comment -- repeated controversial comments about muslim in america. abc's karen travers has the
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latest. karen: no backing down for dr. ben carson after the comments on nbc. dr. carson: i would not advocate we put a muslim in charge of this nation. i absolutely would not agree with that. karen: a prominent organization calling on carson to drop out of the race saying he is unfit to lead. >> not long ago some people thought a catholic could not be a president, african-american could not be a president. they were wrong then and they are wrong now. karen: they are also not backing down. >> when you are president of the united states you have authority and you can change the world. he has to come to the conclusion for what is best for america. karen: a new cnn poll shows donald trump leading the republican field. but he is down eight points in two weeks. carly fiorina's riding a post-debate surge of 12 points. on the democratic side, hillary clinton campaigning in louisiana. >> if you look at the facts
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things work better when there is a democrat in the white house. karen: a few poll shows her with 18-point lead. vice president joe biden still not a candidate hit his highest level of national support. biden said in an interview with catholic media he won't rush the decision. >> vice president biden: i have to be comfortable that this will be good for the family. karen: if he does not run most of the support will go to hillary clinton to give her a commanding lead over bernie sanders. karen travers, abc7 news. alison: much more ahead at 5:00 -- including a new study on college safety. what it revealed about the threat to female students. >> from the white house to the vet can embassy, coming -- vatican embassy, coming up,
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: you want to talk about being on a roll, in is no way to top this one. this will be quite the week for a teenager we learned about. he is getting a chance to meet with the pope when he visits d.c. this week. alison: diane cho is live near the white house to tell us about this incredible opportunity for this young man. diane: montgomery county teen has been counting down the days until the pope's visit this week. after a stop in the white
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house earlier today his parents say that they hope he will stop and take a moment to take it all in. >> a 13-year-old can say he is honored at the white house. he will get a chance to meet the pope all in one week. he is raising awareness for the autism ambassador for the police department. trying to educate law enforcement officers about those who live with the disorder. work was honored today at part of the champions of change at one of he most famous buildings.
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>> he will have a chance to meet the pope. >> i will tell him about my blessings. >> he will be representing the special needs ministry at the archdiocese of washington to mark one of the best weeks of his life. >> jake hand his family will head to north carolina on thursday to talk to law enforcement agencies as part of crisis intervention training. >> what a week. >> the lines will have the extra cars on some trains. the train normally running on friday will run thursday and
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friday. service will operate as normal. leon: several locations have pope specials, pope pot pie and cocktails. >> there is complete coverage of the visit to d.c. alison: checking our top stories. power has been reduced on the line after a fire at electrical substation this morning. no one was hurt. final preparations are underway for pope francis' arrival in washington. speaking to thousands of people in cuba he told the crowd to embrace change.
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he will give mass tomorrow morning before flying to the u.s. alison: plug and the -- police and the f.b.i. are searching for the thieves who robbed several 7-eleven in dale city. one man was holding a shotgun and another grabbed the cash. i followed the holdup of the six 7-eleven in d.c., maryland and fairfax county in the past month. there is no indication though that the crimes are connected. leon: the 1150th homicide of the year we have a name. kuron calleo was shot on north capitol street near l street. tonight the police are offering $25,000 reward to anyone with information leading to arrest and conviction. alison: the american university sush vayed 150,000
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women at 27 schools around the country and found 23% of the female students say they were victims of sexual harassment, stalking or assault. leon: not just students that benefit from the technology in school, there is even teachers learning from class dojo to keep track of a student behavior by point system. the parents can keep an eye on the kids and not being in same room. alison: speaking of disruptive, this is a story. an indiana woman said a spider
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on her shoulder scared her so much she jumped [from the car backing out of the driveway friday. leon: the woman's son was in the car and climbed in the driver's seat and tried to hit the brake but instead hit the accelerator to send vehicle crashing to an oncoming school bus. the 9-year-old boy was hospitalized with minor head injuries. there were no children on the school bus at the time. alison: two jewel thieves in ohio are behind bars after a poorly planned get-away. take a look. he starts to look for a display case to break. he grabbed the loose and they expected a quick get away but instead they got stuck in the elevator. >> strictly because of the rapid speed that the police got here he failed miserably.
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the plan didn't work. it wasn't going to work. alison: they stashed the jewelry in the elevator ceiling. the owner recognized one of the suspects that came in store nine hours before the burglary. leon: clear picture of him. alison: yeah. leon: that helped. coming up at 5:00 -- good news is coming taunt gas pump around here -- coming up at gas pump around here. gen police say the man trusted her and went to sleep and found out that he was wrong. now we are adding her to the wall of justice. coming up. leon: coming up tonight, service dog stopped from boarding a plane. hear what happen when they went through the area to find out what the area is saying tonight. "7 on your side" investigation coming up at
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josh: i'm meteorologist josh knight. it's raining now but i am looking forward to the weekend and i like how it's shaping up. high of 75 for you on saturday. 74 on sunday. there is anary amount of cloud cover. mostly cloudy skies. slim chance for showers. at this point we will stay dry. we dry out here when the pope gets here and looking good for the weekend. cool and breezy for the clarendon day run. then it lasts throughout the rest of the afternoon with a high of 67 degrees there. dry weather.
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jennifer: i'm jennifer donelan. welcome to the wall of justice. we are asking for your he in the search for fugitives. take a close look at this woman. she was just added to the wall. she stole from a man who trusted her. they are looking for aly in an
5:42 pm
assault case and rodriguez for allegedly trying to sexually assault a child. they are looking for williams for violating pro base. ze has alluded them for weeks violating probation. the sheriff tells us that residents of stafford county are involve and help close a number of cases. deputies need the public to come through again in the search for williams. >> we have a lot of deputies on duty every day but they can't be everywhere. that's where the citizens helped us out in the past. jennifer: she is 5'2", weighs
5:43 pm
158 pounds, 54 years old and brown hair and green eyes and wanted for probation violation. they want to put her behind bars. if you know where sher is, call the stafford county sheriff office. we will see you next week with the fighting back wall of justice. i'm jennifer donelan. alison: still ahead on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- pope francis is known for being outspoken on a number of issues and he is expected to do the same on a trip to the u.s.. but find out why
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leon: here in the u.s. pope francis is more popular than the president and congress. according to a new survey, 67% of americans hold a favorable view of the pope but there are some groups out there who believe that the pope is damaging one of america's great pillars. separation of church and state. jeff barn explains. jeff: pope francis a year and a half in his papacy is one of
5:47 pm
the most outspoken pope in history. not one to quiver from lightning rod political issues he is using the poll put to take on climate change, casting blame on human activity. tweeting earlier this summer there is a great challenge to stop ruining the garden which god has entrusted to us so that all may enjoy it. he has been vocal about immigration, saying people and institutions who close their doors to asylum seekers should ask god for forgiveness. >> he is making some conservatives uncomfortable and some liberals uncomfortable. that is probably a good place for the successor to st. peter to be. reporter: his messages are clearly getting under the skin of some in washington and those who aim to be president. >> i don't get economic policy from my bishops or my cardinals or from my pope. reporter: is he spending too much time on religion other than leading a worldwide
5:48 pm
religion? >> he is a leader in morality and ethics. >> i'm a strong believer in separation of church and state. i don't see contradiction in talking about issues that are universal importance. >> there is a joint of speech and is a first for religious leader serving as head of state. >> we have people that people don't understand why the separation of church and state is good for the state and the church as well. >> we have never had separation of god and state. >> jeff barns reporting. alison: time for a check of the roadways. jamie sullivan is on traffic
5:49 pm
watch. >> good news. earlier we had big issues on metro but a lot of the service has now been restored. if you travel on the orange, silver or the blue line, expect delays. but at least we have service up and running. that is a good news. that is closer to the occoquan. past that it's stop and go continuing to woodbridge. a lot of red on the map. 395 is congested. bottom side of the beltway to continue to branch avenue. stap and go as well as in d.c. police activity. all lanes are blocked off. that is on 19th street southwest near n street. again, we have police on scene. you will see a lot of flashing lights and congested for you traveling. both directions inner loop and outer loop between the 270 spurt and g.w. barkway. look outside. it's way. you will see the slow spots on the roads. make shoe you turn headlights
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on. something we forget when it's light outside. if it's rainy and drizzling, it's always a good idea. just like everyone travel ogen the outer loop. that is a look at traffic. back to you. alison: okay. thank you. now a "7 on your side" consumer alert. gas prices continue to fall. as the summer driving season comes to an end stations are switching to the left expensive winter blend of fuel. gallon of unleaded is down 2 cents -- 6 cents from a week ago. the average price is $2.28 a go lon. that is one cent lower than the national average. gas casts less than $ -- costs less than $1 than it did last year. i like how it sounds. leon: absolutely. we saw rain out there a while ago. some of the live shot. check to see how it's looking like. >> we have area of rain. nothing heavy but the steady rain that continues to move from southwest to northeast from the southern foothills of the blue ridge and the appalachians through the metro area.
5:51 pm
upper level disturbance of the atmosphere. it will take a few hours to get steady rain out of here. chilly day in areas west of washington that had rain all day. 54 in shenandoah. fractions of an inch of rain that is reported there. a cool day. it feels like fall in the air but it doesn't begin until 4:20 wednesday morning but has the trappings and the earmarks of the fall weather pattern already. tonight is a low of 59 with more showers. by tomorrow morning maybe drizzly. through the midday the skies will brighten to be partly sunny in the afternoon. highs of 76 degrees. wednesday, it looks great for the pope's visits for the parade and the mass outside. partly cloudy and 80. 81 on thursday. the clouds roll back in thursday night and friday. so it's working out perfectly here.
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the numbers for you going forward. wednesday, thursday, friday. warm, 80's. supper 70's. for the weekend we call it cloudy and cooler. there is a chance of rain friday and saturday but it's early in the game so we have a couple of days to work on whether we'll see the rain or not. that is the latest. leon, alison and erin. good thank you. the skins -- leon: thank you. the skins won in the right way. erin: it was a team win. that's the kind you like to see. victory monday in the d.m.v. everybody is all smiles. except for cornerback david amberson. he was cut by the skins today. typically the team is off on monday but because this is a short week with the thursday night game in new york the skins were back on the practice field today. we have some drama to tell you about.
5:53 pm
according to bleacher report there is tension in the locker room between who you ask? it appears kirk cousins and robert griffin. they don't get along. i don't think that is shocking. the bleacher report claims they reportedly can't even be in the same room together. and that rgiii is isolating himself from the rest of the team. rgiii took to twitter today and we are guessing it's in response to the allegations because he tweeted this -- "when the hate don't work, they start telling lies. i guess celebrating that your team won with your teammates is isolating yourself." so let's move on to something more positive. like the redskins' defense, who currently rank fourth in average rushing yards allowed at 70.5. for the second straight week the defense has been lights out. through the first two games, the defense has only allowed 20 points. perhaps you can credit the defense of dominance to the fact that the guys all get along. veteran terrance knighton,
5:54 pm
a.k.a. pot roast. you got it. he bought the national jerseys and they have the nickname on the back. take a look. the players told me yesterday they all hang out as much as they can off the field. they really seem to get along. it was awesome to talk to them and see the rom radry they have -- camaraderie they have. >> when they approached you with the idea with the jerseys, what was your initial reaction? >> it's a free jersey, i'll take it. erin: he bought it for you? >> he got the whole d line. with our nicknames on the back. it was great. erin: it's free. you can't beat that. >> can't beat free. [laughter] alison: there you go. leon: how many regular size jerseys could you make out of the five jerseys. alison: thanks, erin. leon: stay right there, folks.
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alison: let's get to breaking news. d.c. fire looking at a suspicious package in 1800 block of m street. a few people in the area say they also feel sick but no one has been taken to the hospital. we will continue to follow this story and bring you any more information as soon as we get it. in this north carolina, 26 migrant workers were hurt after being rear-ended by a tractor-trailer. this happened in the morning commute there. most of the injuries were minor. two of those workers, though, are still in the hospital. that will do it for us at 5:00. but right now, on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- a wounded veteran and his service dog not allowed on a plane. what the airline is saying about this tonight. plus, a metro mess lingering in the evening commute. what happened to delay the service and what is being done about it. and an historic visit. the presence of pope francis is likely to tie up traffic in a big way. what you need to know as "abc7 news at 6:00" starts right now.
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announcer: now, "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. leon: a wounded veteran from fredericksburg and his service dog are finally coming home tonight after the marine says american airlines refused to allow them on a plane. maureen: jason hague and his dog axle flew to los angeles where axle was honored as service dog of the year but hague said the airline didn't let them fly back home. leon: "7 on your side"'s chris papst talked with hague from los angeles. chris: jason hague is an american hero. this marine served two tours of duty in iraq and one in afghanistan. a bullet to his leg earned him a purple heart. i.e.d. explosion left him with ptsd, traumatic brain injury. despite what he has been through and despite everything he suffered through, what happened to him yesterday that has him frustrated. >> where's axle? >> hanging out beside me. chris: we interviewed jason minutes before he and his service dog axle finally
6:00 pm
boarded a flight back to virginia. thursday the duo flew to l.a. for the american humane association hero dog award where axle was recognized as the national service dog of the year. as seen here on facebook. a medal he wore proudly. sunday while boarding a flight home, they were stopped. >> it was extremely upsetting. it wasn't disrespectful. if i wasn't as far as i am in my recovery it could set me back years and put me back where i was three years ago. chris: he said american airlines wouldn't let him on the plane saying they didn't have the proper paperwork even though they had flown that airline to get there. he flies a hundred times a year with axle and said it has never happened. >> what do i want? we would love an apology. chris: minutes after that statement, "7 on your side" received that apology. "we apologize to


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